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iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite v1.2

iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.2 (FREE) (No registration required) We are thrilled to announce the launch of version 1.1 of the iReverse Qualcomm Light Tool. This powerful tool was developed by a team of hardworking people at iReverse and is loaded with new features and enhancements to enhance the speed and performance of your gadget.

iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite v1.2

iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite v1.2

iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite v1.2


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Recent Enhancements and Changes:

Adjusted Manual Loader Fixed:

We have sorted out and fixed all issues related to the manual loader feature. You can now effortlessly load the required files without any issues or problems.

Add Mi Fastboot Flash to:

We’ve added the capability to flash Mi Fastboots to give you a complete solution. This feature lets you effortlessly and effectively flash Mi devices, improving the overall performance and functionality.

Introduction User Registration:

We’ve implemented an online user registration system to improve your experience using iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool. After registering, you’ll be able to get more advantages and access exclusive features that will ensure an individual and customized user experience.

And More:

We’ve also implemented a variety of additional improvements and optimizations to increase our tool’s overall efficiency and stability. These enhancements are designed to give you an effortless and secure experience during the operation of your device.

Assistance for the Autoloader Programmer and more:

One of the best characteristics among the standout features iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool is the extensive support it offers for more than 600 devices. Autoloader programming features ensure compatibility with a broad range of devices, allowing you to complete various tasks quickly. If you’re working on the most popular models or less well-known versions, iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool will have you covered.

Capabilities for Flash and Download:

To ensure an organized and secure setting, it is easy to erase user data and accounts, such as FRP and Mi Account. This tool permits easy and quick reboots and automated reboots that erase useless data without a problem. To ensure your mind, make backups that are safe for important information. In addition, you can use the iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite gives you the possibility to select firehose and XML files based on the type of data you require. You can pick between UFS or EMMC storage formats when you wish to improve the speed of performance on your gadget. Additionally, the tool offers outstanding GPT Flashing and reading features.

iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.1

iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.1

Service for advanced users:

The iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite gives you simple methods for reading and writing QCN files and items from NV for those with more knowledge. With these tools, you can increase the performance and personalization of your phone by altering the settings and default settings.

Utilizing iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite allows users to access comprehensive features that will increase the speed and efficiency of their Windows PC operations.

Furthermore, iReverse Qualcomm Tool Lite is free until 2023 due to HadiK IT. This fantastic offer lets Users use all the tool’s features without paying money.

Autoloader Programmer Support for 725 Qualcomm Devices:

iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.2 keeps providing autoloader programming support for a wide range of 725 Qualcomm devices. There is no need to input manually or choose an autoloader programming tool. Click “Read GPT,” and the program will detect the correct setting for the device. This feature provides a seamless experience working with a range of Qualcomm devices.

ADB Open Port Diag:

We’ve implemented the ADB port open Diag feature in response to user feedback and requests. This function lets you access port dials on Port Diag on your device via ADB, also known as the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This feature enables you to easily access and use this Port Diag for various diagnostic and troubleshooting needs.

MTP Bypass Universal:

We’ve added the MTP Bypass Universal feature to provide even more options. By bypassing the MTP limitations of your device, using this feature allows for speedy data management and transfer between your computer and device. Eliminate all restrictions to allow more efficient sharing of data.

Sending Loader Fix:

In response to bug reports, We have addressed and resolved problems related to loading loaders for sending. The function of sending loaders is now more stable, reliable, and smooth in flashing and related processes.

With iReverse Qualcomm Light Tool v1.2, you can maximize your device’s efficiency. The autoloader programmer assistance, ADB open Port Diag, MTP Bypass Universal, and the fixed loading loader feature enhance the application’s overall efficiency and user experience.

What’s new?

iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.2

Recent changes:

  • Repair the manual loader
  • Include Mi Fastboot flash
  • Add user name/register
  • etc…


  • Autoloader programmer for over 600 Devices


iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool v1.2┬áis an invaluable software solution to streamline and enhance device operations. With its recent improvements, including a fixed manual loader, Mi Fastboot flash support, and user registration, you can take advantage of a comprehensive range of features. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, developer, or simply an avid user, iReverse Qualcomm Lite Tool empowers you to unlock the full potential of your devices.
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