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GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 Utility Free Download: A Important Tool for MediaTek Devices If you’re a Windows user searching for a versatile tool to carry out various tasks using your MediaTek device, GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 will meet your requirements. It was specifically designed to work with MediaTek gadgets; this tiny but powerful application offers many features to improve your experience managing your device..

Utility GSM Sulteng Tool Latest Version FREE Download

Utility GSM Sulteng Tool Latest Version FREE Download

Utility GSM Sulteng Tool Latest Version Free Download


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In this article, we’ll look at the capabilities provided by Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 and discuss how they can be used to simplify the tasks associated with MediaTek devices.

What is Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0?

Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 is an entirely free offline utility program designed for Windows computers. Its main goal is to give MediaTek users an effortless experience when controlling their devices. The program is becoming more popular among those dependent on MediaTek devices due to its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive capabilities.

Features of Utility GSM Sulteng 

MTK Universal

Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 offers a variety of options to MediaTek devices. Some of the most significant attributes of MTK Universal include: MTK Universal category are:

Lock Pattern Lock

This feature lets users unlock devices locked to patterns.

Factory Reset

Users can do a factory reset on their devices by using this program.

Factory Reset Old

The utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 supports factory resets of older MediaTek devices.

Secure Format Data

This feature guarantees the secure formatting of data on devices.

Reset Account

Users can reset different accounts for various reasons, including FRP (Factory Reset Protection), Mi Cloud Tam, and FRP on Samsung devices.

Modus of Bootloader

The utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 enables users to lock or unlock the bootloader of the MediaTek devices.

Modem Mode

Users can erase, back up, and recover NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) and NvData on their devices.

Utility GSM Sulteng Tool

Utility GSM Sulteng Tool

Debugging Mode

The debugging mode of Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 offers various features that can help simplify troubleshooting for devices. The features include:

ADB Mode

Users can conduct device checks and deactivate the updates on OPPO, Realme, Samsung, and Xiaomi devices. In addition, they can deactivate Vivo’s Live Demo and Mi Cloud on Android 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Fastboot Mode

This mode lets users test the devices and erase FRP and persisting partitions of devices with locked bootloaders.

Samsung Test Mode

Users can erase FRP on Samsung devices.

Mi Sideload Mode

Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 allows reset of the MiCloud FRP by using mi Sideload mode.

How Do You Utilize It?

  1. Get the rar archive, and extract it to C drive
  2. After that step, open the folder and look for the executable file.
  3. Next, click on ” MTK Utility Tool v1.0.exe.
  4. The next step is to sign into this tool (Scroll down to reveal the login details)
  5. Attach your mobile device to your computer and check out any feature.
  6. Enjoy
Download Utility GSM Sulteng Tool

Download Utility GSM Sulteng Tool


Utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 is a valuable tool for MediaTek users. It offers an array of functions to make managing devices more accessible. The utility program lets users swiftly complete various tasks due to its straightforward layout and a wide variety of roles. If you want to unlock your mobile, wipe your FRP and manage your bootloader utility GSM Sulteng V1.0.0 will take care of it.
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