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Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.2.8 Latest Version Download

The most recent version of the Avengers Spreadtrum Module, version 2.2.8, is now available to download. This powerful program offers an array of features that make it an essential tool for all users of Spreadtrum devices. From deactivating FRP to unlocking the bootloader to writing IMEIs and firmware, the Avengers Spreadtrum module 2.2.6 will cover all your needs. Continue reading to learn how to use this vital software designed for Spreadtrum users.

Avengers Spreadtrum Module Latest Version Free Download

Avengers Spreadtrum Module Latest Version Free Download

Avengers Spreadtrum Module Latest Download

The Marvel Spreadtrum Module Latest Download has various functions that can be used with SPRD. SPRD tool. Users are now able to remove FRP, back up and restore NVRam as well as read and backup firmware update firmware, write user data, write serial number, IMEI or write Bluetooth and write WIFI and unlock the bootloader as well as read and write the RPMB. This update enables more efficient and comprehensive use of the Spreadtrum Module, which gives users better control and capabilities over their devices.

Supported Features of SPRD Tool So Far:

  • Remove FRP
  • Backup & Restore NVRam
  • Backup/Read Fimrware
  • Write Firmware
  • Reset Userdata
  • Write IMEI
  • Write Serial
  • Write Bluetooth
  • Write WIFI
  • Bootloader Unlock
  • Read & Write RPMB
Avengers Spreadtrum Module Download

Avengers Spreadtrum Module Download

Enter Diag and Power Off:

These functions allow users to go into diagnostic mode on the device they want to diagnose and then turn it off after they have finished.


This section lets you access various details about the device that is connected, including contact information and password.


This Section Has A Range Of Valuable Functions Such As:

  • Factory reset: Wipes everything on the device before resetting the device to the factory settings.
  • NVM: Allows the restore or backup of the memory of the device (NVRAM) that stores crucial information about the device.

Flash Mode Utils:

This Section Contains Advanced Features That Are Available When You Are In Flash Mode On Your SmartPhone:

  • Boot Information: Retrieves information about the boot partition of the device.
  • Eliminate Simlock: Permanently take SIM lock permanently. SIM locks from the mobile.
  • NVRAM Backup/Restore: Allows backup and restore to NVRAM data.
  • Firmware Backup: This creates a one-time backup of your device’s firmware.
  • Repair IMEI: Repairs the device’s IMEI number.
  • Repair Factory NVRAM: Restores the factory’s NVRAM information.
  • Get rid of privacy (beta): Remove privacy settings from devices (beta function).
  • Removal of FRP: Bypasses this lock. Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock.
  • Set Userdata, and remove FRP lock: Resets user data and removes FRP lock simultaneously.
  • Low-Level format UserdataPerforms the low-level format for the user data partition.
  • Secure Format Userdata: Securely modify the userdata partition without altering other partitions.


This section permits reading or writing IMEI, SN, and WIFI information in the diagnostic mode.

Diag Mode Simlock:

This section lets you read or removing simlock information while in diagnostic mode.

Firmware Flasher:

This Section Permits Flashing Firmware Files Onto Devices In Different Formats:

  • Pac File Flasher: Flashes firmware files for Pac.
  • XML File Flasher (Read Firmware): Flash firmware is read from the device in XML format.
  • Firmware Setting: Configures various flashing options.
  • Flash Phone: initiates flashing the firmware.
Avengers Spreadtrum Module Download

Avengers Spreadtrum Module Download

 Write NVRAM:

This Section Permits Writing NVRAM Details To Devices Using A Variety Of Options:

  • Standard mode (protect the calibration) Uses the default NVRAM data while keeping calibration data.
  • Write default NVRAM (skip calibration): Writes default NVRAM data and skips calibration data.
  • Skip write NVRAM skips writing NVRAM data and flashes only the firmware.
  • Repartition: Repartition your storage of the device.

ADB Fastboot:

This section offers users access to ADB as well as the Fastboot command to perform advanced operations:


  • Read Information: Retrieves details regarding the gadget.
  • Read Partition Information: Read information about the partitions on the device.
  • Remove FRP: This bypasses the FRP lock.
  • Reboot Recovery: The device is rebooted into recovery mode.


  • Read Information: Retrieves information about the device.
  • Bootloader (signature): Reads the bootloader information.
  • Relock bootloader: Relocks the bootloader.
  • Erase FRP: Removes the FRP data.
  • Reboot phones: Reboots the device.


This Section Lets Users:

  • Make a Custom Loader: Make a custom loader for the device.
  • Custom loader: Access Custom loader settings.
  • Open Device Manager: Opens the Windows Device Manager.
  • The Open Backup Folder: Opens an encrypted backup folder. Kept.
Avengers Spreadtrum Module

Avengers Spreadtrum Module


The Avengers Spreadtrum Module is a robust and flexible tool with extensive functions to repair devices using Spreadtrum. Its user-friendly interface and broad range of features offer an excellent solution for technicians and phone repair experts.

How To Download

 To download the Avengers Spreadtrum Module:

  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and search for the website of the tool.
  • Once on the website, locate the (Download Link) for the device and click on it.


  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process. 

Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.2.6

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad  – Google Drive – Sendcm – TeraBox

AvengersBox SPRD Module v2.2.7

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad –  Workupload – Sendcm – TeraBox – Google Drive

AvengersBox SPRD Module v2.2.8

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