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Samsung Unlock Tool SUT 2023.2.0 Latest Version Download

Samsung Unlock Tool SUT 2023.2.0 Latest Version Download is a no-cost tool for all Samsung devices. It allows users to reset their FRP lock or factory settings on the device. The most recent version SUT 2023.1.0, has a range of new features, such as bypassing the FRP.

Samsung Unlock Tool SUT 2023.1.0 Latest Version Download

Samsung Unlock Tool SUT 2023.1.0 Latest Version Download

Samsung Unlock Tool SUT 2023.2.0 Latest Version Download


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To overcome FRP, you must know your device’s Google account password. If you need more clarification on your credentials, you may use SUT to bypass FRP by connecting your device to a PC and running the software.

As well as bypassing FRP, SUT could also be employed to complete various other tasks, including:

  • Port scanning
  • Enabling ADB
  • Doing the factory reset

The Samsung devices management program, commonly called SUT, is a fantastic function. The most current version has numerous additional features that increase the tool’s flexibility.

The Tools section includes an inventory of tools that are compatible with SUT. The tools in use include

  • Port Scanner
  • Enable ADB
  • Reset FRP
  • Factory Reset

To run the tool, select it from the drop-down list and press”Run button.

Download Samsung Unlock Tool SUT

Download Samsung Unlock Tool SUT

The SUT (Samsung Unlock Tool) is a tiny Windows computer application that enables users to carry out various tasks on Samsung mobile phones, including removing FRP, factory reset and much more with only a few clicks.

Supported Features

  • Scan Port
  • Enable ADB
  • Reset FRP (Method 1)
  • Reset FRP (Method 2)
  • Factory Reset – 1
  • Factory Reset – 2
  • Open Browser

USB Manager

  • Device manager
  • Driver MediaTek
  • Driver Samsung
  • UsbDk_64bit
  • LibUSB_Win32
  • QLoader 9008

MediaTek Supported Devices

Process :


  • Turn off your device.
  • Use the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously, then join with the USB cable.


  • Remove the device’s cover from behind.
  • Find the TestPoint location, connect it, and then connect to the USB cable.

Supported devices:

    • Samsung SM-A115F
    • Samsung SM-A115M
    • Samsung SM-A115U1
    • Samsung SM-M115F
    • Samsung SM-A705F
    • Samsung SM-A015A
    • Samsung SM-A015AZ
    • Samsung SM-A015F
    • Samsung SM-A015G
    • Samsung SM-A015M
    • Samsung SM-A015T
    • Samsung SM-A015T1
    • Samsung SM-A015U
    • Samsung SM-A015U1
    • Samsung SM-A015V
    • Samsung SM-A025F
    • Samsung SM-A025G
    • Samsung SM-A025M

Qualcomm Supported Devices



  • Remove the device’s cover from behind.
  • Locate where the Test Point is positioned and connect it to the Test Point, then connect your USB cable.

Supported devices:

    • Samsung SM-A103F
    • Samsung SM-A013G
    • Samsung SM-A022F
    • Samsung SM-A037M
    • Samsung SM-A107F
    • Samsung SM-A107M
    • Samsung SM-A125F
    • Samsung SM-A136W
    • Samsung SM-A136U
    • Samsung SM-A215U
    • Samsung SM-A225F
    • Samsung SM-A226G
    • Samsung SM-A315F
    • Samsung SM-A315G
    • Samsung SM-A325F
    • Samsung SM-A325M
    • Samsung SM-A325B
    • Samsung SM-A415F
    • Samsung SM-M017F
    • Samsung SM-M013F
    • Samsung SM-M022F
    • Samsung SM-M225F
    • Samsung SM-M325F
    • Samsung SM-E225F
    • Samsung SM-E426B
    • Samsung TAB 7
    • Samsung Non-Qwerty
SUT 2023.2.0 Samsung Unlock Tool

SUT 2023.2.0 Samsung Unlock Tool

How to Use

  1. The RAR files can be downloaded and unzipped on the desktop.
  2. Install the setup file following the basic installation process.
  3. After the installation, you must patch the tool by clicking “SUT-2023.2.0. [PATCH].exe ” SUT-2023.2.0. [PATCH].exe” Password for patch tool ” PHONE CLINIC SERVICE” and then press the Enter Button.
  4. Then, you need to launch the main setup on the shortcut on your desktop, ” SUT 2023.2.0,” as administrator.”
  5. Once you have opened the tool, you must enter a login password to access all the tools’ features. Type in the password in the box for login, ” GORONTALO ANDROID TOOL,” and then click the Login button.
  6. Connect your smartphone to a computer and use all features of the tool.
  7. Enjoy!

Notice: The SUT tool is not compatible with all Samsung devices. Check the supported devices list before using the tool.


SUT is the most effective tool to control Samsung devices. The latest version of SUT has added numerous new features to make it more efficient. If you’re looking for an application that can assist you in managing your Samsung devices, SUT is the best choice.
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