KG Unlocked Tool

KG Unlocked Tool

KG Unlocked Tool is here to simplify your life. We’ll examine this wonderful tool’s capabilities and benefits in this article. It allows you to disable FRP and MDM actions with just one click. You can also alter your CSC on your Samsung device through KG Unlocked Tool, allowing you greater control and flexibility.

KG Unlocked Tool
KG Unlocked Tool

KG Unlocked Tool


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What exactly is KG Unlocked Tool?

KG Unlocked Tool is a free program designed to increase the capabilities of Samsung smartphones. It allows users to circumvent the FRP and MDM restrictions, giving them full control over their phones. In addition, the application lets users change the default CSC on their Samsung phones, enabling users to switch between various versions of firmware and regional settings.

The features of the KG Unlocked Tool:

MDM Removing

By using KG Unlocked Tool, you’ll be able to remove MDM restrictions that your device administrator imposes. This is especially beneficial for users who purchased used devices or smartphones previously connected to the corporate network.

FRP Removal

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) can be an issue, particularly when you lose your Google account password. KG Unlocked Tool simplifies the FRP removal process and allows users to gain access to their devices with no difficulty.


The capability to alter your CSC that comes with your Samsung smartphone allows you to switch between different versions of firmware and regional settings. KG Unlocked Tool makes this process effortless, allowing users to test the various options and features offered by different CSC configurations.

Reboot Options

KG Unlocked Tool provides convenient options for rebooting your device. Whether you want to go into the bootloader, recovery mode, or restart normally doesn’t matter. This tool will have all the answers.

Instructions for using KG Unlocked Tool

  • Click the button to clean your device to begin the process of cleaning. This feature is available on devices that run Android 9 and 10.
  • Enter #0# on your Samsung smartphone, then hit the “START” button.
  • Give the required permissions, then connect to the Wi-Fi network within forty seconds.
  • The device will start up and go to the main page. This can take between 5 to 10 minutes, so be patient as you wait for the application to allow you to unlock your phone.
  • After completing the unlocking process, you must wait another 5 minutes before accessing the factory unlock loading tool.
KG Unlocked Tool
KG Unlocked Tool

How to Install it?

  1. Initially, you must get the ZIP file by clicking the link below.
  2. Then, you should remove all the files from the drive c: ( important)
  3. Verify that you have turned off your antivirus before running this installation
  4. After that, open the folder.
  5. Start through the ” SAMSUNG KG UNLOCKED.exe
  6. Then, you can install all the drivers you already have installed. If not, skip this step.
  7. Connect the phone to your computer and try to perform any task
  8. Enjoy ! !!


KG Unlocked Tool is a game changer for Samsung smartphone owners who wish to bypass FRP and MDM limitations and unleash maximum potential from their phones. With its amazing functions and user-friendly interface, KG Unlocked Tool simplifies removing FRP and MDM, changing CSC, restarting your device, and clearing your logs. Say goodbye to restrictions and welcome to the world of flexibility using the KG Unlocked Tool!
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